"The Bark is as Good as the Bite"!


The Sinder Pit... 


Began as a part time hobby that little by little grew into a massive obsession.  Like any other style of cooking there are different avenues that can be taken to give the results one is looking for.  Countless hours of research and study, (mostly from the internet), and ALOT of trial and error have netted what we feel to be a very successful end result when it comes to complimentary flavors.  There are so many different styles of Barbecue across the country and since the area we are located in is hardly what would be considered a "Hotbed" for Barbecue or any other type of culinary expression, (except Dutch Oven cooking), it became apparent we would need to develop a Barbecue style that encompasses and melds the basis of down home Barbecue, yet keeps the integrity of what the local expression of flavors is known for.  Therefore, it is our pleasure to introduce to you what we have affectionately come to refer to as..

"Authentic Southern (Utah) Barbecue".


More information about our storied journey into the wonderful, and sometimes wacky, world of Barbecue can be found by visiting OUR BLOG.  Content is being added as often as possible so please visit and let us know what you think.


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